Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Recap

It's been a busy and fun Spring. It's so wonderful to get outside and enjoy the weather. Drew is enjoying new things every day. Drew is now 6 months old! This last month he got his first two teeth. Below are some fun pics of what he is doing now.

Drew loves his you can see!

A couple weeks ago, Drew decided to roll 18 times in a row! He just kept going and going. I just kept turning him when he came to a dead end. It was so much fun to watch! He hasn't broken his record since- I think that will be a tough one to beat.

Drew is sitting up so well now. It's adorable. After baths, Hailey and Drew like to play on her bed. It's fun to see him able to sit with her now instead of just rolling around.

Hailey has been attending Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) with Nana (grandma) and her cousin, Jack. She absolutely loves it and has learned so much. She likes to pretend she is the teacher, and tell me about the Bible stories. I of course, have to sit on my carpet square and listen.

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