Monday, December 14, 2009

Drew's Latest

My little man is learning and exploring new things every day. He is pretty much into everything- he definitely keeps me on my toes! I love to hear him say new words- there is something so special about hearing a child say new words. Some of his favorite words right now are grandpa, nana, toothbrush, toothpaste, down, downstairs, cracker, georgia (this is the name of a little girl I take care of), and dump (now let me clarify "dump"- he says this when he dumps out toys or when he tries to dump out his milk from his cup). Some of the other words, other than mama and dada of course, are ball, car, bath, cup this, nose, and doggy (this is still pretty muffled). It's fun to keep track of a handful of the early words. I looked back at Hailey's first dozen or two and they are very different. Another latest for Drew is that he now dances when he hears music- this definitely makes me smile!

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