Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family Vacation

We enjoyed a much needed family vacation in Orlando, FL last week. Although the weather was a little cool, it didn't stop us from having fun! The kids had so much fun at the pool...yes, we were in the pool on days that were close to 70 and days that were in the 50's-crazy to think about. Thankfully, the pool was bath water, so as long as the sun was shining, we were fine. Hailey and Drew both loved the water slides.

We took Hailey to Disney World and had an unbelievable day! It was 70 degrees and beautiful, perfect for Disney. Hailey had so much fun- and I think that is an understatement! She was on cloud 9. Her highlights were the princesses and the fast rides. She loved the roller coaster, which was so fun for Dan and I to see. She went on it 5 times and loved the front. Another favorite was the teacups.

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